Fantastic Entertainment

Fantastic Entertainment is a group of designers, writers, and developers dedicated to creating fun and exciting Facebook games. Recognizing the potential of facebook games and the value of social gaming, Fantastic Entertainment seized the opportunity and began developing solely for the facebook platform. Our philosphy is to develop the highest quality games for free. We want to bring joy to as many people as possible through our games. The company was founded in 2009 by Eric Vanderburg and Billy DaMore with their first project Elven Heroes, developed with Andrew DuVal. The company has since begun working on a new project called Elven Quest.

Eric Vanderburg has established a powerful mission for the organization. He says,
"we are guided by our Christian principles in creating family-friendly games that promote positive values. Our games are free from excessive violence, sexual content, and profanity. We believe that games can be fun and full of adventure without such things."

We invite you to try our games and we welcome your feedback. Please contact us with suggestions and comments. We are always looking for ways to improve. If our games have made a positive impact on your life, let us know. We'd love to hear from you.